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If you are raising bench type crops when it comes to watering, ther is not better way than to use an overhead watering boom system. Easy to install, uniform watering, less water consumption, easy to maintain. Just to name a few. Why Andpro .... well just simply the best, most reliable, easy to install.


We represent the entire line of overhead watering boom systems as manufactured by Andpro Spray Rite Systems. Andpro has been a development leader in overhead spray watering boom systems since 1962. So, for whatever you are growing, Horticultural, Silvicultural or Vegetable Grow with Andpro.

To view in larger scale click on here. Use the return or back function in our brower to return.

To view in larger scale click on here. Use the return or back function in our brower to return.

To view in larger scale click on here. Use the return or back function in our brower to return.

To view in larger scale click on here. Use the return or back function in our brower to return.

To view in larger scale click on here. Use the return or back function in our brower to return.

To view in larger scale click on here. Use the return or back function in our brower to return.

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Rugged Andpro Traveling Boom Sprayers
Engineered to be Reliable & Cost Effective with your specific requirements in mind.

DCA Model - DC Voltage, Automatic

  • Shuts off automatically after a single cycle.
  • Includes 24 hr. digital timer, with a maximum of 12 "ON-OFF" in a 24 hour period.
  • Five Speed changes or variable speed.
  • Separate speed change dial for both travel directions.
  • Spray boom flush switch included.
  • When time clock shuts off the sprayer will continue to it's "home" or "park" position.
  • Pre-select watering feature; limit switch acuators are placed along the track, allowing the grower to water certain areas of the greenhouse while skipping others.*
  • Ability to water in one or both directions.

    * This feature is not available on Mono-Rail Models.




Durable Construction and Finish

  • Track is 1.5" X 2.5" " Galvalume" rectangular stube.
  • Standard spray boom constructed of 1" aluminum pipe.
  • Frame constructed of zinc coated steel and covered with expoxy paint.
  • Galvanized parts are also used in frame construction.
  • Four wheel drive.
  • Motors are clear of spray area, with reduced exposure to fertilizers, chemicals or moisture
  • All models are calibrated and provided with fuse protection


DCS Model -DC voltage, Semi-Automatic

  • Started manually; will then either stop automatically after a single cycle or operate continuously.
  • Comes with one speed control dial and five speed changes available.
  • Ability to water in one or both directions.
  • Spray boom flush switch included.


Hose Handling System

US Patent No.5344084, Cdn. Patent Pending.

  • All models equipped with center feed hose handling system.
    • Less pull on hose and electrical cable. Less maintenance.
    • Less hose and electrical cable. Less pressure loss.
  • Ability to travel in 400 foot long greenhouse.
  • Not necessary to travel entire length of growing area before reversing.


DCM Model - DC voltage, Manual

  • Manually started and stopped.
  • Comes with one speed adjustment dial and five fixed rates of speed changed simply by turning control panel to next desired rate of travel.
  • Manual operation of water supply.



Spray Nozzles

  • Spraying: The rate of travel plus the uniform pattern achieved by spacing the flat spray tips for 100% overlap assures uniform distribution at a controlled rate. This is an essential feature when watering or fertilizing individual plant cells. Spray nozzles are equally spaced along the boom. Nozzle tips are flat spray type and are easily changed to alter output.
  • Recommended maximum operating pressure is 40 PSI.
  • Andpro's testing has produced it's own recommended nozzle spacing and heights to ensure uniform spray coverage over the entire crop when using a flat fan spray tip.


ACM Model - AC voltage, Manual

  • Manually started and stopped.
  • Single speed; travel speed is approximately 16 ft/min.
  • Manual operation of water supply.

Commonly Asked Questions 



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ANSWER : If you are comparing overhead traveling booms as to fixed overhead spray. The anwer is quite simple. The appilication of water with a boom system is far more uniform than any type of fixed overhead spray systems. All areas received the same amount of water with a watering boom system. In terms of water consumption, it is best to use grower feed back that we receive from growers changing from overhead sprays to booms. The water quanity savings it about 30%. This is important .... cuase not only are you saving water but a whole lot of fertilizer at the same time.


ANSWER: Basically the traveling water boom moves from one end of the greenhouse to the other and returns. This is what we call one pass. Generally the units can be set up to automatically do one pass then stop or continue with more water passes. We call the start position the PARK position and the end opposite PARK, the HOME POSITION. If its an overhead system is install, the watering booms creep along a set of dual rail or monorail tracks. If it's an aisle model, the watering booms creep along dual rail track the the floor. ( This track can be our factory assembled rails or as some growers use, wooden 2" X 6" on edge to creat the rails.

Along the length of the track we provide adjustable limits so this allows you to limit the movement of the watering boom at any points along the length of the track. As an example say you have greenhouse bays 144 feet long and only wish to water the center 48 feet of the greenhouse. SImply start the watering boom, with spray swtich off, advance it to the new PARK ( start postion ). Stop the unit. Install the PARK limit on the track. Our limits are magnetized ... so they simply attach themselves to the track. Then install the HOME limit down along the length track where you wish the drive to return. Then simply push the start and spray button ... and you are off to the races. Only the area inbetween the limits receive water. So if you have the unit ( model DCS as an example) set for a single pass. The unit will start spraying, moving away from the PARK position, to the HOME postion, reverse, and continue to spray unit it comes to the park postion. Once the unit arrives back to the PARK postion, since you selected only one pass, the unit will stop.

QUESTION : Can you raise and lower the boom master head for various crop heights ?

ANSWER : You sure can. We offer a adjustable mast system that will allow to to rsie the water master from 16" off the crop surface to 32" in 2" increments. Also while we are talking about the watering masts, we provide isolation valves on each half of the mast .... so if you only have crop on one side of the house ... its now problem ... simply turn the isolation valve off where there is no crop and start spraying. Furthermore .... on each unit we provide a fine mesh large capacity inline strainer.

QUESTION : Is there an improvment in crop quality ???

ANSWER : All you have to do is walk in and see any crop. High quality and uniform crop development is what you find. Whereas, in fixed spray systems you can generally see crop wave which matches the spray pattern. This is most important in greenhouse with long term stock, treeseedlings as an example.

QUESTION : Motor Overload Protection ???

ANSWER : All of our units are provided with adjustable overloads for motor and drive protection.


QUESTION : Types of Spray Tips Available ???

ANSWER : Of offer single, double tips in both antidrip or standard formates. Tridhead turrent sprays. Tip construction options include brass, hardened stainless steel and ceramic, in various flow ranges. Each boom can be basically tailor individually to suit the ocassion.

QUESTION : PORTABILITY Can the watering drive and masts be moved from greenhouse to greenhouse.

ANSWER : Sure can.

For growers using our aisle machines its very easy to do. Install track in every house or bay. Order the drive units with twistlock power and can lock hose connections. To move the unit from one bay to the other simply drive the unit onto a tranport dolley ( we offer a manufactured dolley but manny of our clients simply drive the unit onto a shipping pallet and move with a pallet dolly ). For growere with say a combination of 20 foot freestanding houses and sya 30' wide freestanding houses ---- we simply offer extensions onto the mast head to acoomidate the wider houses.

For growers using our overhead systems, again we offer a transport dolley system. But again a lot of growers have constructed their our methods using overhead door rails and cart. The options are quite endless.

But ..... it has been our experience during the past 10 years is for growers that say purchase one drive unit to serve several bays, after the first year of use and realizing the convenience and the quality end up purchasing addtional drive units the following years.


Question : What type crops are best suited for booms ???

Answere : Almost any type of bench crop. Plug production, transplant seedlings, and treeseedlings are very suited for boom watering.



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