Introducing Microgrow Irrigation
and Propagation Misting Controls

A full complement of irrigation and propagation misting control systems are available from Micro Grow. Our top of the line Water Pro Control System is available in a soil moisture format, or a Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) configuration.

Being part of the Growmaster Series of Controls, the Water Pro will also connect to your PC via Growlink Program for added reports, graphs, and interaction.

Water Pro Soil

•Senses Actual Media Moisture Levels
•Includes Soil Tensiometer Sensor
•24 VAC operation
• Accurate Microprocessor Control
• Large Digital Display
•Fully Expandable and Growlink Compatible
• 12 stations, expandable

The Water Pro Soil moisture level control will actually read the individual soil moisture level of a crop. Irrigation commences when a particular moisture level sensor detects that the soil or media has reached a preset dryness level. Multiple input channels, and expandability are standard features. Night watering disable functions. Twelve stations, expandable.