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Our “In the News” contains brief information updates about our product line, product additions, special offerings, improvements and specifications. Please click items below for further information. The releases are printable. Feel free to contact us for any additional information.

Press Releases

Press releases as of June 1997:

  • Alberta Treeseedling Improvement Center. Installation of four overhead watering boom units in a silverculture treeseedling research greenhouse. “In the News for Alberta.” We are pleased to supply and install the equipment for this very interesting project. This project was completed in Oct. 2003.
  • Dulce New Mexico, Waste Treatment Plant. Another interesting use for a greenhouse structure. This strucutre is one of our wide freestanding structures with optional 10 foot high sidewalls.
  • PL Light Systems : Greenhouse photolighting at is best. More selections to suit the application. A proven design.
  • University of Montana. Photos of this project were forwarded to us by Epic Systems, Darby Montana. Epic was the prime constructor for this project. This project was completed in 2001. We furnished the structure, fog cooling and envirnomental controls. Epic Systems provided the university with a very practical high quality project for their research and education programs. January 2002
  • Photo Lighting Project. We are pleased to announce that we were the primary suppiers of photo lighting at Monsanto’s, Jerseryville, Ill, research complex. News release. January 2002
  • Heat loss calculations for double poly gutter connected greenhouse structures. No need to phone. The table is here for your use. News release Oct 2001.
  • PL Light Systems : Our new fixture design provides a number of improvements. The refined ventilated aluminum ballast body enables the ballast to run cooler than before which adds increased dependability to the internal components. News release July 2001
  • Reinforced clear single poly. For those that wish to clad your structures in a single layer system. We can furnish 10 mil, clear reinforced poly cladding. 8 year UV rating, none rip feature with nylon reinforcing. Suitable for freestanding, coldframe and gutterhouse applications. News release May 2001.
  • Leasing of equipment and structures. Why lease equipment and structures ??? Lots of good answers. Conserve working capital, Do not tie up bank lines of credit, 100% financing – 100% write-off, Fixed rate for term of lease, Flexible payment terms, true tax advantages, Meet your budget goals, Simplieis capital budgeting, just to name a few. It can be a win win situation for your planning. ( file added Aug.1, 2000.
  • System powered ( water pressure ) operated injectors. It took us a long time to compliment our large scale pnuenmatic injector line. But we did it. Two models for the smaller grower. Affordable, easy to use, bullet proof design. We are sure that you will be extremely pleased with this offering. News release May 2000.
  • A neat 30′ X 144′ ebb and flow gutter house project. Lots of great ideas. Nice looking end result. Project designed and constructed by our firm for client.
  • Wide span Freestanding Structures: This season the 36′ and 40′ wide series FS structures were going up like hot cakes, as greenhouse structures, air plane hangers, workshops, storage garages and the like. Double poly or hard clad roofs and gable packages, double poly or hard clad ridge vents. At lot of growing area for very reasonalbe cost. Strength — reinforced arches. Positive Grower Feedback. File updated Nov, 22, 1999
  • Hobby House – Freestanding and Cold frames for the backyard and acreage. Section expanded to include cold frame structures. File expanded by popular request. Low prices, easy to assemble packages. File updated Jan 11, 1999.
  • Pricing on popular gutter connected greenhouse packages c/w structure, double poly roofing cladding, single wall or twin wall gable end cladding and double poly sidewall packages. Man door package included. By regular request – in US funds – …. Everything for an enclosed project …. File added Dec. 1, 1998. Time to start planning your spring project. The savings are only yours.
  • Client expansion photos. Our clients just keep getting larger and larger. Gutter house expansion project completed fall/winter of 1997. File added Oct 20, 1998.
  • Hobby / Backyard / Acreage Freestanding Packages. Packaged 20 and 24 foot wide polycarbonate clad freestanding structures in 24 and 48 foot lengths. Packages offer with our series FS profile. Series FS profile provides additional peal and sidewall clearances and strength. File updated Oct. 10, 1998
  • Omni Series FS freestanding greenhouses. Higher peak and sidewall heights. New profile added Feb, 1998. Growers have taken a liking too. News release dated Sept. 8, 1998.
  • ¬†30 foot wide X 96 foot long freestanding greenhouse packages. Double poly roof, polycarbonate gable ends, heating and cooling. All provided to start you growing. July 14, 1998. This release also links onto other popular freestanding greenhouse packages. Updated May 2000.
  • Microcool Fog Cooling System sample layout. Simple to install, easy to maintain, a very effective method to reduce the heat. July 13, 1998
  • Microcool Pump Module Update. Greater pump module selections of well proven design.
  • High efficiency heating vs conventional heating. It’s only money in your pocket. Substantially reduce your heating costs.
  • Omni Benching. Fixed and rolling metal bench systems.
  • Horizontal Air Flow Fans. Installation, selection and layout suggestions. Depending on your situation HAF fans could save on your power bills, increase crop productivity and quality.
  • WaterPlus VPD irrigation controller by Micro grow. Color press release.
  • Predesigned layout plans for freestanding greenhouse packages.
  • Treeseedling Greenhouse Packages. For the spruce, pine, aspen tree seedling grower. Complete gutter connected greenhouse structure, ventilation, heating, cooling, lights and watering booms.
  • Advanced Hobby/Acreage / Backyard Freestanding Packages. Polycarbonate clad freestanding greenhouse packages.
  • Complete 1/2 to 1 acre packages for tomato, cucumber or pepper projects. Packages include greenhouse structure, cladding, heating systems, cooling systems, carbon dioxide generation, fertilizer injection system and computerized environmental control.

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