Planting Products

In 2008 – 2009 we are pleased to greatly expand our planting product lines from plastic and select glazed and clay pots and to include hand made Eco friendly Hypertufa pots and planters, various selections of trellis, and great selection of various cedar plants and stands, and hard landscaping items such as Sandstone Pavers and Stepping Stones.

Eco Pots

Eco pots are hand crafted planters by Sandcastle products.  Eco Pots provide old world charm to your planter and bedding garden design. Made from Hypertufa by local Alberta artisans. They are available in various sizes and colours ranging from 8”, 10” and 12” rounds, popular rectangular and squares. For more information click here.  Any eco pot will add charm and warmth to your plantscape designs.

Eco Stone / Eco Rings

Instantly create the charm of a rock garden with our eco stones and plant rings. Simply lay into your bedding plant area and build to create your own rock garden. Eco stones and Eco rings enhance your plantscape appearance and provide many indirect benefits, such as , wed barrier, mulch barrier for water conservation, easy to change from year to year. You must come in and see the charm, flexibility and practicality of our Eco Stones and Eco Rings.

Cedar Planters

We carry a wide variety of finished and unfinished cedar planters. Sizes range from squares such as 12” X 12” X 8” tall to 24” tall, 24” X 24” X 8” to 24” tall, to rectangular sizes. These are from Sandcastle products and are constructed to last for a very long time. Our customers appreciate the modular design and various sizes, which allow then to create the prefect plantscape for their decks,
bedding planters and hangers.

For complete information on sizes and product range click here.

The illustrations to the left illustrate the various sizes. As an example our model 2X2X12, is two panels wide X two panels high by 12” high. A model 2X3X8 would be two panels (12”) wide X three panels (18”) long X 8” high. The tops are available in modern frame and classic frame ( illustrations to the left. )

Sandstone Pavers/Stones and Concrete Inlays

Available to us by Sandcastle Products. These pavers are available in a wide range of sizes. They offer our customers a unique selection of handcrafted pavers and stepping  stones at very affordable prices. The pavers to the left are 8” X 8” sandstone pavers, natural colour with edges slightly tumbled.

Or the popular 4” X 8” sandstone pavers, also in a natural colour finish.

Colours you bet. Our sandstone pavers are available in a wide range of custom colours. As well can be cast with a wide range of slat or sandstone finish.

Arbors, Pergalas, Trelis Etc.

Drop on in an see our kit selections in both finished and unfinished styles. Just what one needs to finish off their garden sanctuary.