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Project News Letter

Watering Boom Installation


Alberta Treeseedling Improvement Center
Smokey Lake, Alberta

Nov. 2003

This fall we completed a very novel watering boom installation. This was for the Government of Alberta, at the Tree Seedling Improvement Center, in Smokey Lake, Alberta, Canada. This facility is used mainly for silver culture research work.

This project involved the installation of four (4) new overhead watering booms. Since the research personal wished to have as much flexibility in watering rates, frequencies and crops types these watering booms were installed perpendicular to the length of the greenhouse structure. ( Generally most installations run the length of the houses ).

The installation involved the installation of Andpro model DCS overhead dual rail watering boom units. These units featured remote computer start and start ( as well as manual provisions ), variable speed DC drive, adjustable boom heights, Andpro overhead dual rail system and hose/power cord handler, 30 foot wide watering boom with sprays located at 10 inches ( 250 mm ) on center spacing to provide 100% overlap at 16 inches ( 406 mm ) above crop . The unique feature/requirement of this installation was the installation of track rail support trusses that were spaced at 10 feet ( 3.0 M ) on center. The trusses were fabricated with 1 1/2 in sq. ( 38 mm ) galvalum top and bottom cords with 1/2 inch ( 13 mm ) cord webs.

Andpro Watering Booms .......

Simply the best, most durable, long lasting, easy to assemble/operate watering booms in the market place. The following pictures say a thousand words.

Please bear with the loading of this page. This page contains quite a lot of useful information if you study them closely.

Photo One

A completed installation.

Watering Boom #4

One of the four overhead spray units. Notice one half of boom is higher than the other. This is our adjustable spray height feature. We can raise the boom in 2” ( 50 mm) increments to 32” (813 mm ) above the crop. Also notice the trusses which were constructed and installed as to allow the booms to be installed perpendicular to the length of the house.

Agroponic Industries Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T3G 1P9, ph (403)241-8234

If you are tired of hand watering, or concerned about water consumption
give us a call.

Photo Two

Photo two shows our unique, field proven ( after many years of service ), our hose and power cord handling system. This hose handler works great. Keeps constant tension on both the hose and the power cords along the length of the track in both directions. The result many many years of hose/power cord service without repair.

The photo above is a close up of
one of the watering units sitting in the park position.

If you look closely, the blue drum is our patented hose handler system. Works real real slick and will provide many years of reliable service. Also note : Our rails are 1 1/2 in ( 38 mm ) wide X 2 1/2 inches (65 mm deep ), constructed of 16 gauge galvalum. They are spaced at 28 inches (710 mm ) apart. Also notice our heavy duty track hangers and heavy duty U-bolt clamps to the trusses ). This unit is provided with 1” ( 25 mm) water hose and 14/3 SOW power cable. Control panel is weather proof and all controls are easy to use and understand. Also note on the control panel face ...... yes sir ..... adjustable/resettable motor overload protection ( this is provided as a standard feature on all Andpro units ..... most other manufacturers don’t.)

Agroponic Industries Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T3G 1P9, ph (403)241-8234

Photo Three

The view shows the power and water connections to the drive unit. Neat, tidy and its there to provide many years of service.

A view from the other side of the drive unit.

Note: Each half of the watering boom can be isolated with the manual ball valves.
Also note : A water pressure gauge is provided on each unit.
Also note : All dual rail units are four wheel drive. Wheels are in long lasting urethane.
Also note: This unit has been furnished with tri-head sprays. This allows individual sprays to be turned off or changed to another tip rate.
Notice : The clean layout.

Agroponic Industries Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T3G 1P9, ph (403)241-8234

Andpro units --- they just keep watering, watering and watering .

Photo Four

Research greenhouses are always a challenge for installation and corridination of systems service. We think everything workd out quite well.

Watering Boom Units 1 and 2

In a research greenhouse installation space is always at a premium. Even taking into account installation coordination with other systems ( ie all those photo lights, ventilation, heating, cooling etc. ), the watering booms went in like a snap.

Agroponic Industries Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T3G 1P9, ph (403)241-8234

Photo Five

Boom Number Four

Looking after watering needs for spruce seedlings.

Agroponic Industries Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T3G 1P9, ph (403)241-8234

Why a watering boom ?????