High Pressure Fog Cooling

July 13, 1998

High pressure fog cooling is a very affordable, easy to install means to reduce the greenhouse space temperatures 10, 15 to 20 deg. F. High pressure fog cooling is comprised of a high pressure pump module that pressurizes the water to 800-1000 PSI and distributes the high pressure water to fine atomizing fog nozzles. Microcool nozzles create at 10 micron water particle that instantly flash evaporates. This evaporation effect provides the space cooling.


The plan below shows all the components required for a uniformly fogged greenhouse structure. For those familiar with refrigeration terms, the total cooling effect based on selection information, below, this system would provide an equivalent cooling effect of 194 tons of mechanical cooling. For those unfamiliar with refrigeration terms amount of cooling provide would be equal to the melting of 194 tons of ice each and every hour that the fog system was running. Also, of equal importance, not only is the sensible space temperatures reduced but humidity is added to the air.


System Components


Fog cooling grids each 132 feet long with 0.008" atomizing nozzles c/w anti drip barrels spaced at 6 feet one centers. Each grid is factory assembled. Piping is flexible 1/4" high pressure line with UV resistant coating.


Suspension assemblies comprised of 134 feet stranded stainless steel air craft hanger wire, adjustable turn buckle assembly, 132 UV resistant plastic ties.


End of grid check valves each complete with 20 feet of 3/8" low pressure drain hose and reusable high pressure brass hose fitting.


1/4" X 1/4" X 1/4" high pressure manifold kits comprised of brass tee fitting, high pressure ball valve for balancing of system, reusable high pressure brass hose fittings.

120 feet

1/4" high pressure manifold hose.


1/4" high pressure brass tee c/w reusable high pressure brass hose fittings.


Microcool model E3.1 high pressure pump module capable of 3.1 USGPM at 800-1000 PSI operation c/w 10 & 5 micron inlet water filtration with by-pass cooling, inlet water solenoid, drain solenoid, inlet water low pressure cut-off switch, thermally protected by-pass loop, motor overload protection, 24 VAC control circuitry. All components assembled on shock/vibration mounts on aluminum frame, mechanically ventilated and enclosed with acoustically insulated fiberglass cover.



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