Nov. 22, 1999


The 1999 construction year saw many wide span ( 40' X 36' wide) series FS freestanding greenhouse packages go up.

The wide span structures (36' and 40') are supplied with our reinforced arch design , ( arches placed at 4 feet on center ) and provide a strong bullet proof structure.

Well a picture is worth a 1000 words. The photo below, is a client photo ( erected and constructed by themselves) of a 40' wide X 144' long structure with double poly cladding on the roof and gable ends. As an interest please note the double poly ridge vent. A net inexpensive way for cooling and venting.


Grow note: The crop will be in soil so there are watering to soften up grade to work up before planting the crop. 


Another nice grower project.

As a sub note: Our company also provided the light fixtures, the gas fired unit heaters, the carbon dioxide generator, the horizontal air flow fans, and vent systems.
Almost a complete turn key package at very very afforable costs.

All roof profiles are gothic. All structures are provided with our reinforced upright systems.

The 40 foot wides sport 19'-9" clearance at the peak, 8'-6" clear 2 feet off sidewall.

The 36 foot wides sport 15'-8" clearance at the peak, 6'-6" clear 2 feet off the sidewall.

Lots of volume to get summer heat off crop, and for those that raise hanging crops above your benches ---- well go ahead. The space is there and the strength of our design can handle the loads.

An interesting side note, is many 36' and 40' wide structures have been supplied with hard clad packages for many other uses than greenhouse structures. Several as air plan hangers, shop areas, storage garages and so forth. Lots of neat interesting applications.




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