Gutter Connect Expansion Project

This project was constructed in the summer of 1999 for one of our clients that wished ease of expansion capabilities in the future .... so they decided upon a gutter connect structure. Of interest this project is all floor based ebb and flow.


The structure that they decided on was a 30' wide X 144' long gutter connected structure. The roofing and side walls are in double poly, one gable end in twin wall polycarbonate and the service gable end in insulated metal siding. Also of particular note is the house provides 12' under the gutter on the service gable end to 12'-9" clear on the opposing end.


It is just our opinion, but this project worked out very nice.
We even got the shutters ordered with color to match the siding.


A view from the other gable end.

The double poly went on really really well. Not one hole anywhere.
Double 48" slantwall exhaust fans for primary cooling.
A smaller peak fan for winter dehumidification.



An Inside Shot

Work just starting to proceed with the ebb and flow cells.
22 individual cells each with weir adjustment.
8 irrigation zones total.
Nice and clean cause all the piping is below grade.
Notice our reinforced arches --- every 6 feet on center.
Horizontal Air flow fans provided for winter/spring/fall air movement.

Fertilizer Injector System

A close up of the A/B and acid inline injection system c/w EC and pH controls.
This package has our electronic injector heads.
Field built on site ---- neat little package -- clean, orderly and easy to operate.
Yes we can custom design and manufacture a system for your needs.

Irrigation/ Water Pumps

We decided to make the frame for the injector large enough
to include both with stainless steel ebb and flow pump
and the irrigation water feed pump.
Clean, neat, easy to maintain and operate.


Other small details about this project:




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